Food Service

Welcome distributors and operators!

Nasoya is a premier manufacturer of bulk tofu, other soy foods, and fresh pasta products and proudly offers USDA organic, all natural, kosher and bulk products.

We understand the needs of bulk food distributors and operators. Whether your business is a school or university, restaurant, health care operations, or hotel, we have a wide selection of organic, dairy-free (vegan), gluten free, and kosher bulk products to meet all your menu needs. Premium organic Nasoya tofu is fresh and wholesome, made from whole, organic soybeans (never genetically modified) grown without chemical fertilizers by farmers committed to sustainable agriculture methods.

Build popular menus around tofu, the versatile protein. We have creative meal solutions to please a crowd! Enjoy our food service bulk tofu recipes.

For more information contact our dedicated food service hot line 1-978-487-3873 or email us at