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Ayer, MA – Oct. 15, 2008 -- With food prices climbing, it won’t be long before Americans start taking a new look at the lean, green protein --- tofu. The versatile high protein soy food was brought to America thirty years ago this year by Nasoya, the number one tofu brand in the nation and one of the premium brands of soy foods pioneer Vitasoy.

“Soy is the only complete vegetable protein that contains all nine amino acids needed by the human body. Unlike animal protein, soy contains no cholesterol and is low in saturated fat, while providing important Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids,” said Pam Dietz, Vitasoy Innovations Director. She noted that tofu is cheaper than animal-based foods because fewer inputs are needed for its production.

Tofu is low in saturated fat, are cholesterol-free, and contain high-quality protein, essential fatty acids, dietary fiber, and numerous other nutrients. As part of a healthy diet, tofu can replace less healthy foods that are high in saturated fat and cholesterol, thus enhancing their impact on cholesterol lowering. “Incorporating plant-based tofu into the diet may also improve blood pressure and other coronary heart disease risk factors,” said Dietz. She suggested using 3 oz tofu instead of 3 oz of beef steak to save close to 6g saturated fat and 53mg cholesterol.

Tofu also promotes weight management, according to Dietz. High in fiber, low in saturated fat and calories and naturally sugar-free, it is a satisfying, nutrient dense food that is a key component of any healthy diet. Fiber is satisfying and helps you to feel full longer, so you don't get hungry as quickly and it's easier to eat less. “The high protein in tofu also helps to promote losing fat, not muscle, and has been clinically demonstrated to help keep the weight off after you've lost it,” stated Dietz.

About Nasoya Organic Tofu

Nasoya Tofu is certified organic, made with 100% whole organic soybeans, and comes in five textures: Super Firm Cubed – Conveniently pre-cut, perfect in stir-fry or atop salad; Extra Firm – ideal for stir-frying, broiling, hearty stews and casseroles; Firm – perfect for slicing, dicing and pan-frying; Soft – great for sauces, soups and salads; Silken – a delicate tofu with a smooth consistency, excellent for blending into dressings, dips and creamy desserts.

Nasoya also offers two all-natural Lite Tofus made with whole organic soybeans available in two textures, Lite Firm and Lite Silken. In addition, Nasoya features all natural noodles and wraps; and delicious Nayonaise and Vegi-Dressings™. Its delicious all-natural pastas and wraps offer creative solutions for quick and easy Italian, Mexican and other ethnic food dishes, such as lasagna and nachos. Look for Nasoya products in the refrigerated section of the produce aisle in leading supermarkets and natural foods stores throughout the country. For further information, visit or


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