Creative Entertaining Is A "Wrap" With Nasoya!

Ayer, MA – Nov. 17, 2008 - It’s not just for dumplings any more! Festive and versatile for celebrations and gatherings throughout the year, fresh all-natural Nasoya Wrappers are waiting to be filled with imagination. Try all three sizes: Won Ton, Egg Roll and Round.

“Twist them to make dessert purses, layer them to make mini-lasagnas, roll them for breakfast buns, or cut them into kid-friendly surprises,” said PBS-TV Chef Jim Coleman, the host of the “Healthy Flavors” cooking show underwritten by Vitasoy, Nasoya’s parent company. “They can be used creatively for any occasion – a party, meal or snack - and they help stretch your budget.”

Chef Jim recommends using Nasoya Won Ton Wrappers for hors d'oeuvres such as Shrimp Poppers or Spinach and Feta Purses. Fold them into Dessert Triangles filled with seasonal berries or chocolate mousse. For meat appetizers, make crisp Wrapper Cups brimming with chicken or beef. Use Nasoya Egg Roll Wrappers for delicious Cinnamon Apple Roll Ups.

“Get the kids involved,” advised Chef Jim. “Cooking healthy meals and snacks is a creative, fun activity that the whole family can do together. It can help kids develop healthy eating patterns. If they make it, they will eat it!” Kids like making Calzones with Nasoya Egg Roll Wrappers, Mini Quiche using Nasoya Won Ton Wrappers, and Baked Ravioli using Nasoya Round Wrappers.

Nasoya Wrappers contain no MSG or trans fats, are a good source of iron and contain 6-8 grams of protein per serving. Light and delicious, they can help with portion control. Look for them in the refrigerated produce section at your favorite supermarket. For further information and a full array of recipe ideas to use throughout the year, , visit Nasoya on the web at

About Vitasoy and its Premium Nasoya Brand

A pioneer in bringing organic and all-natural tofu and soymilk to America, Vitasoy USA Inc. is committed to producing delicious, innovative foods that promote the health of our families and the planet. Look for our premium tofu, soymilk, Asian-style noodles and wraps, and soy-based sandwich spreads under the brand names Vitasoy® and Nasoya®. For further information, fast and easy recipe ideas, or to sign up for one of Vitasoy’s soy health e-newsletter, please visit


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