Fall in Love with Our Vegan Burgers with Kimchi

This month, we invite our loyal fans (and new friends) to enjoy a real fall treat: Vegan Sweet Potato Burgers with Nasoya Kimchi. Actually, it’s good any time of year, but the beautiful colors and flavors of sweet potato, beans, ginger, turmeric, cayenne and cilantro make this vegan burger absolutely mouthwatering and perfect for weeknight autumn meals or weekend get togethers.

But there’s more: in true Nasoya style, we didn’t stop there. The added bold flavors and rich colors of our signature Kimchi make this a truly irresistible any-day-of-the-week meal. It’s simple to make, highly nutritious – especially with the probiotic-rich Kimchi – and a virtual cornucopia of flavors.

This recipe, we guarantee, will be a go-to favorite that you’ll have on your shortlist of homemade meals for months and years to come. Pile on onions, avocado and tomatoes for a super-delicious and highly nutritious meal.