Asian Pasta and Noodles FAQs

How do I use the Asian Pasta and Noodle products?

When you buy our wrap products, inside the package you will find easy step-by-step instructions and recipes on how to wrap and roll but here’s a sneak peak! And we have also come up with unconventional ways to use our wraps…so let’s wrap and roll!

How do you cook noodles and wraps?

Each package of Nasoya noodles and wraps have the cooking instructions (and 3 handy recipes) printed on the back of the card. Noodles should be cooked for 2 minutes in gently boiling water. Don't overcook or they will get sticky. Our wraps can be baked, boiled, steamed or fried. Cooking time and temperatures will vary, depending on how they are being prepared. For best results, follow the directions for the recipe you are using.

Tip: While preparing a dish, cover unused wraps with a warm, moist paper towel in between batches to keep from drying out.

How do I properly store noodles and wraps?

Air is the enemy of freshness. It's best to keep extra noodles or wraps in an airtight container or bag. You can also freeze unused noodles/wraps by putting them in an airtight freezer proof bag or container and putting them in the freezer for a couple of months. Just remember - defrost the wraps/noodles in the refrigerator overnight or they will stick together.

How long will noodles and wraps last after opening?

You want to use noodles or wraps within 7 days of opening the package. Always use the noodles or wraps by the Best Used Date. You can also freeze any unused wraps/noodles in an air tight container for up to two months.

Can I use noodles and wraps after "Use by" date?

Our noodles and wraps are natural products which do not contain preservatives or additives so even though they may not show signs of spoilage, we do not recommend using the noodles or wraps after the Best Used By date.

Why are the noodles and wraps sold refrigerated?

Our pasta products are fresh, not dried like many shelf-stable (traditional) varieties. Our products contain no additives or preservatives and cook faster than most dried pasta products.