Pumpkin, Black Bean & Tofu Fajitas


Number of Servings: 
Yields about 6 fajitas
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Michelle Collins, theeconomicaleater@gmail.com
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  • 1 package Nasoya Black Soybean TofuPlus (Organic Firm), drained and cut into strips
  • ½ cup canned pumpkin puree
  • Cumin powder
  • Chili powder
  • Pinch of cayenne
  • Dried thyme
  • Salt and black pepper
  • 2 tbsp. olive oil
  • ½ yellow onion, sliced
  • 1 15 oz. can black beans, drained and rinsed
  • 1/8 cup fresh cilantro, plus extra for garnish
  • ½ lime (cut the other half into wedges and use as garnishes)
  • 6 fajita tortillas

Other garnishes (optional):

  • Shredded cheddar cheese
  • Sliced avocado
  • Chipotle Salsa
Preparation Method: 

1.) In a large Tupperware container, mix pumpkin with cumin, chili powder, cayenne, thyme, salt and pepper. Add tofu, and stir carefully. Place lid on Tupperware, and place in fridge for at least 30 minutes, so that the tofu soaks up all of the flavors.

2.) Meanwhile, in a large skillet, heat olive oil over medium heat. Add onion, and let cook until translucent and slightly caramelized, about 7-8 minutes (I also added a little sugar to my pan to help the caramelization process). Lower heat if onions begin to brown

. 3.) Place onions on a plate; in the same pan used to cook the onions, add marinated tofu strips (feel free to add more olive oil if necessary). Cook tofu on medium heat, and allow all sides of the tofu to turn a light golden brown (about 5-6 minutes total). Add beans, stir, and turn heat to low; let cook for another 2-3 minutes.

4.) Taste bean and tofu mixture for seasoning; adjust as necessary. Add onions, cilantro, and juice from ½ the lime. Stir, and remove from heat. 5.) In a microwave, warm the tortillas. Pile each tortilla with about ¼-½ cup of the tofu filling. Garnish with cheese, avocado, salsa, cilantro and one lime wedge.

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