Savory Squash & Kimchi Breakfast Porridge

This year, Nasoya invited The Full Helping blogger Gena to South Korea to learn all about our Kimchi: how it’s made, the stories behind it and how exciting an ingredient it can be in all your cooking. Gena explored the neighborhoods of Seoul, saw first-hand how Nasoya Kimchi is made and the sustainable practices the company adheres to in their commitment to be good stewards of our precious planet.


Further adventures took her outside the South Korean capital to Boeun, meeting Chef Judy Joo and seeing how traditional kimchi is made by locals and getting more kitchen inspiration.


Read the full story of her travels here.


Gena’s recipe for Savory Squash & Kimchi Breakfast Porridge  – inspired by the people she met, the places she visited and the foods she tasted – is as delicious and beautiful as it is simple and nutritious.


As we head into 2020, this hearty, plant-based recipe will warm your heart and soul…and help keep you healthy and happy all winter long.


Haengbokan saehae doeseyo! Happy New Year from Nasoya!