3 Light & Refreshing Ways to Incorporate Tofu This Summer

The warmer months means it’s time to fire up the barbecue…if you haven’t already… which means the perfect opportunity to gather family and friends for a summer cookout.

But it’s always best to have some non-meat alternatives, for those who want to mix it up a bit, or who prefer to have some plant-forward options. And Tofu could be the perfect addition to your summer spread. It’s a super healthy plant-based protein, and a great source of calcium and manganese.

And to make life easier, take your summer soirée up a notch with our terrifically tasty and super-convenient Toss‘ables. The bite-sized morsels have a subtle taste, allowing you to create a perfect complement to whatever is being cooked out on the grill. They require minimal effort in the kitchen and deliver maximum taste.

Here are three light and tantalizing sides that incorporate Toss’ables and can liven up your cookouts this summer: