Tofu for Beginners

For the unfamiliar, cooking with tofu can be daunting. We associate it primarily with Asian cuisine, not the simplest of foods to make at home. But if more people knew how easy it is to cook with, we think tofu could be a real gamechanger – for your family and for our delicate planet.

The first step is easiest: pick a favorite recipe that has chicken or beef, and then decide instead to use tofu. Preparing tofu is simpler – and less risky – than preparing chicken and has as much, if not more, protein than its meat competitors.

The second step might take some reminding: add Nasoya tofu to your shopping list. If not, you’ll forget!

The third, and most rewarding part, is actually cooking with it. As experts in the field, we recommend Nasoya Super Firm Tofu, which takes out the added step of draining the extra liquid from the tofu. It also serves up a heartier texture, more protein than our other tofu products (15g vs. 9g per serving) and is still super delicious.

Whether you’re replacing the ground beef in your summer burgers, the grilled chicken on your salad or the shrimp in your stir-fry, tofu can open up a whole world of healthier and more earth-friendly cooking!