Dean's List

Seeking an advanced degree in tofu studies? The Nasoya Tofu U Dean’s list is here to help! Our group of healthy lifestyle bloggers and tofu experts will have you whipping up delicious tofu meals in no time. Click around to check out great recipes, blog posts, videos and more!

If there is a food bandwagon out there, I am probably jumping on it.

Both hands on deck, total submersion, taking over my kitchen kind of jumping.

So with fusion tacos taking the... more

When I was a wee child, I wasn’t that into Labor Day. Not only did I have no appreciation for a holiday that honors people who fought hard to ensure we only have to work 8 hours a day (I was but a... more

New books, teachers, sports seasons, dance classes—it’s all right around the corner. When the kids head back to school, it means a whole new routine. And while some parents might be breathing a... more

I used to be ambivalent, at best, about tofu. I simply saw it as a white, square block of jiggly goo that tasted like nothing. Even after being vegetarian for quite some time, I pretty... more

If I had to use a facebook status to describe my relationship with peanut noodles, it would be: it's complicated.

Our tumultuous love affair goes back to my college days when the only thing... more

The benefits of swapping out meat in favor of tofu, even if just once a week, go beyond your health and the environment—it can save you some serious money! At my local grocery store, a 14-oz pack... more

Making tofu for dinner?  Make up a double or triple batch because tofu can be a great leftover that can be transformed into all types of new dishes for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.  Here are some... more

So here you are. You’ve decided to make changes to the way you eat. It could be for your health, or your love of animals. Maybe it’s at the behest of your physician, or perhaps it’s just the next... more

Since working with Nasoya, I have had the chance to tackle tofu far more often than I would have imagined. However, there are only so many stir-frys a gal can make. That's why I decided to think... more

Tofu is normally pretty synonymous with dinner, however as many vegans know it can make a delicious and healthy alternative to eggs in breakfast dishes.  Not only can tofu stand on its own as an... more