Dean's List

Seeking an advanced degree in tofu studies? The Nasoya Tofu U Dean’s list is here to help! Our group of healthy lifestyle bloggers and tofu experts will have you whipping up delicious tofu meals in no time. Click around to check out great recipes, blog posts, videos and more!

Since working with Nasoya, I have had the chance to tackle tofu far more often than I would have imagined. However, there are only so many stir-frys a gal can make. That's why I decided to think... more

Tofu is normally pretty synonymous with dinner, however as many vegans know it can make a delicious and healthy alternative to eggs in breakfast dishes.  Not only can tofu stand on its own as an... more

The answer to this age-old question is… Maybe. I usually press mine, and for me it’s worth the time and effort because I enjoy a really dense tofu when I’m frying or baking it. It really depends... more

I recently read an article about the benefits of starting your morning with a protein-packed breakfast. It's... more

One of the most common questions I hear about using tofu is how to make sure it gets that nice crispy and crunchy outside that only seems to be achieved in restaurants.  Many of us (myself... more

I’ve always enjoyed a thick, rich, creamy alfredo sauce, and I bet you have too. Who doesn’t? The good news is that even if you’ve gone dairy free (or just trying to cut out the fat and calories... more

When you hear the word “tofu,” the first thing that comes to mind is a BIG WHITE BLOCK.  While this plain looking white block may be intimidating to some, those in the know are... more

When I think of tofu my brain always goes right to stir-frys. It's pretty much everyone's go-to when they try tackling tofu for the first time but there are many different ways to play with this... more

Smoothies are quickly becoming everyone’s favorite breakfasts, snacks, and post work out treats. Not only are they quick, easy, and portable – they are packed with fruits and vegetables that... more

Breakfast may seem like a bit of a puzzle to newly plant-based eaters. You can no longer rely on your favorite fast food sausage ‘n egg sandwich, and if you’re committed to your health you’re... more