That Was Vegan? - Barb Musick

A passionate defender of animal welfare, Barbara lives in Colorado with her pack of rescue pets. Raising awareness about animal cruelty and being permanently covered in pet fur doesn’t leave much free time, but what little she has is used to create vegan recipes and meals that will make even the most hardcore omnivore drool.

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Tofu Recipes from Barb Musick:

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So here you are. You’ve decided to make changes to the way you eat. It could be for your health, or your love of animals. Maybe it’s at the behest of your physician, or perhaps it’s just the next... more

The answer to this age-old question is… Maybe. I usually press mine, and for me it’s worth the time and effort because I enjoy a really dense tofu when I’m frying or baking it. It really depends... more

I’ve always enjoyed a thick, rich, creamy alfredo sauce, and I bet you have too. Who doesn’t? The good news is that even if you’ve gone dairy free (or just trying to cut out the fat and calories... more

Breakfast may seem like a bit of a puzzle to newly plant-based eaters. You can no longer rely on your favorite fast food sausage ‘n egg sandwich, and if you’re committed to your health you’re... more

One of my very favorite things about tofu is how easy it is to work it into any recipe! Honestly, it is! Before I became vegetarian and then vegan I was very much neither, and so I still have... more

There must be hundreds of different ways to cook tofu, but two of the most popular types (especially for eaters who are “new” to tofu) are pan seared (browned) and fried. Guess what else? It’s... more

It’s happened to all of us: We’re at home minding our own business, and suddenly find ourselves with unexpected company! Or perhaps you were expecting guests, only you ended up with a few extra... more

In my opinion, the world’s population can be separated into two categories: Those of us who love tofu, and those who haven’t yet tasted deliciously prepared tofu. (I’m no sociologist, just a lowly... more

Tofu. It’s like that mysterious, brooding teenager no one understands. The other kids are suspicious of tofu, so they avoid it in the hallway. Or, should I say, they used to! Tofu has... more