Welcome To The All New Nasoya.com!

Offering Visitors A Fresh Look And Flavor


Our new website provides a user-friendly resource for consumers seeking healthy recipes, tips and videos on how to use Nasoya products, and more.

In addition, Nasoya.com features an updated Tofu U, the first of its kind tofu knowledge center which provides expert resources demystifying the healthy plant-based protein.  A ‘virtual campus’ to educate consumers about all things tofu, Nasoya’s Tofu U answers frequently asked questions about buying and preparing tofu, as well as offers helpful instructional videos to simple recipes for flexitarians, vegetarians and carnivores alike.

Among the site’s features, Nasoya.com and Tofu U visitors will find:

  • An interactive recipe section with over 100 flavorful dishes searchable by keyword, product, dish type and dietary restrictions.
  • Information on Healthy Eating, including the health benefits of soy and resources about organic and non-GMO foods.
  • Product information on Nasoya’s tofu, TofuPlus, low calorie Pasta Zero shirataki noodles, Egg Roll and Won Ton Wraps, Asian Style Noodles and Nayonaise vegan spreads, including a convenient where to buy tool to locate a Nasoya product by zip code.
  • A community section  to stay connected to news and special offers from Nasoya and to share product experiences.
  • Coupons, videos, recipes, blogs and more to teach you everything you need to know about the power of tofu.

For those seeking an advanced degree, Tofu U now offers a Dean’s List. The Dean’s List offers Tofu U visitors tasty tofu recipes, tips and tricks as well as regular blog content for a continuous education in all things tofu and is hosted by tofu experts: Elisa Rachel of Eating Whole,  Kasey Potts of Kasey’s Kitchen, Kristen McCaffrey of Slender Kitchen and Barbara Musick of That Was Vegan?